Simplify Your Shopping with Carlo's 5% Cashback Rewards

Carlo app, by Tradinos UG

Welcome to Carlo!

The Carlo project, developed by Tradinos, is a payment application that rewards its users for their purchases in Monaco. The app offers a 5% cashback on all local purchases, which can be converted into a smart and advantageous local currency. Launched in 2019, Carlo's mission is to contribute to the local economy by combining innovative payment solutions with a loyalty program.

Challenges & Solutions

One of the main goals of the Carlo project was to simplify the app interfaces, making new features and concepts more accessible while making zero changes to the app’s core functionality. Our team faced several challenges in achieving this goal, including aligning with the vision of the project and meeting the requirements of the clients. To tackle these challenges, the team conducted a thorough autopsy of the app and performed competitor analysis to collect and compare market data about similar products.

In addition to these challenges, our team also conducted a user survey to gather feedback from existing users. The questions in the survey aimed to understand how often users used the app, if they had ever considered deleting their account, if they had ever needed help understanding how a feature worked, and if they found the app aesthetically pleasing to use. Based on the feedback from the user survey, we revamped the Carlo app to meet the requirements and expectations of the users. The new app considered all the surveys to improve users’ interactions and experiences in the new app.

The new version of the Carlo app features an onboarding screen that is designed in the most user-friendly manner and describes the benefits of using the app. The interactive home page allows users to engage with features effectively and reflects the brand identity. The user profile interface is designed wisely to be concise, easy to use, and adjustable.

Contribution to Local Economy

The Carlo app has been well received by local merchants, with many reporting an increase in sales and customer loyalty since its launch. "The application enabled us to acquire and retain a new clientele," said Sofia Stampfl, a merchant at Santo Gelato. The app is now used by almost 30 thousand users and trusted by a digitally-connected network of 420 local and independent merchants. It is also strongly endorsed by the government and has injected 30 million euros into the local market.

The model adopted by Carlo is fully linked to merchants' success as the cashback is re-injected into the local economy, creating what is known as a “circular economy.” This means that the money spent by users is returned to the local economy, supporting local businesses and promoting economic growth. The app also has a referral program that encourages users and merchants to promote Carlo by turning them into brand ambassadors. This helps to raise users’ purchasing power to shop locally and plays a vital role in the local economy.