What is a Dedicated Team Service

By Tradinos UG

A dedicated team service is a specific model of collaboration between a client and an outsourced team that is entirely focused on the client's project until its completion. This form of collaboration offers maximum freedom, as you will have an exceptionally dedicated team that will not be distracted by other tasks. This is highly effective in the IT industry as it functions just like an in-house team and handles the project from start to finish, with the only difference being that a dedicated team is an external entity.


Why Use a Dedicated Team Service?

The dedicated team model is cost-effective as it eliminates the need for hiring and training new employees. Transparency in management and communication ensures that both the client and the team are on the same page. The dedicated team is task-focused, flexible, and adaptable, making it an ideal solution for complex long-term projects that have the potential to expand.


What Services Does a Dedicated Team Offer?

1- finds the product-market fit.

2- builds the UX and UI design.

3- writes the code.

4- provides quality assurance.

5- maintains the product.

Deliverables: Roadmap, UI/UX Design, Development + Source Code, Backlog, Documentation (scope, charter, technical documentation, etc.).

Who are the Potential Customer Segments?

1- Long-term projects

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2- Fast-growing start-ups.

3- Funded start-ups with a roadmap.


Buyer Persona

1- The Buyer Persona for Long-term projects with a vision and budget includes:

a. Complex long-term projects that have the potential to expand

b. Willingness to invest in a dedicated team to help them grow faster

c. A system that needs to be improved and a focus on continuous improvements 

d. The ability to adapt quickly to market needs changes

e. A focus on Return on Investment (ROI) 

f. Limited experience in deploying an in-house tech team


2- The Buyer Persona for Fast-growing start-ups includes:

a. Start-ups that are growing quickly and expanding rapidly    

b. Constant requirements changes and a focus on vision

c. A roadmap that can be adapted to market needs

d. The need for an external Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

e. Willingness to invest in technology solutions


3- The Buyer Persona for Fast-growing start-ups includes:

a. Funded start-ups that need to invest in order to achieve their targets quickly.

b. A clear vision and focus on growth.

c. The inability to run an in-house tech team.