SLA Service

By Tradinos UG

SLA Service

We assure you that there will be no need for goodbyes. Upon delivery of our products, we provide comprehensive best practices for web support to ensure a high-quality and reliable experience. Furthermore, our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist with any needs or concerns that may arise, ensuring prompt and effective resolution."

Eliminate app bugs with our wide range of bug-fixing and maintenance services. Our team conducts various testing levels to ensure the smooth operation of your application and meet the expectations of our clients.

Functionality Enhancement

Delivery of the app is not the end of our services. We continue to work on correcting faults, adapting to modified environments, and providing constant support after the delivery of the application.

Periodic Updates

We are committed to ensuring that the applications we deliver are constantly updated to align with evolving information requirements. Our team conducts regular maintenance and updates to ensure the smooth operation and functionality of the application. Our goal is to deliver a high-quality and reliable experience that exceeds your expectations. We are confident that our periodic updates will allow your application to perform at its best.


We understand the importance of website speed and performance in today's fast-paced digital environment. Most web users expect a page to load quickly and will not hesitate to move on to another site if loading times are too long. This is why we prioritize website optimization to ensure that your site is fast enough to keep users engaged.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that there is no room for slow loading times or delays when it comes to the products we craft. We are always available to help and make sure that your website is running at optimal performance.
1- Website & Browser Caching setup and/or configuration.
2- Performance Testing.
3- Removal of unused code.
4- Image size optimization and compression.

Ticketing System

We adopt a critical-based ticketing system to eliminate the bottlenecks our clients may face and consolidate communication. Our team of experts is available 24\7.

Our ticketing system is designed to organize and prioritize requests, ensuring that they are quickly assigned to the most relevant agent and their progress is tracked. This system allows for efficient and effective resolution of any issues that may arise. Furthermore, we use this system to evaluate and measure our performance, ensuring that we meet our SLA commitments and provide the highest level of service to our clients. Additionally, we use this system to provide regular updates and status reports to our clients, keeping them informed throughout the entire process.

1- Pending:
When an issue is reported, a ticket is created and marked as pending. This indicates that our agents need additional time or information to resolve the issue.

2- Evaluation:
When an issue is reported, a ticket is created and marked as pending. This indicates that our agents need additional time or information to resolve the issue.

3- Assignment:
Once the priority level is determined, the ticket is assigned to the appropriate agent or department to take action.

4- Fixing:
The IT staff takes action to resolve the ticket, delivering a coordinated response in a timely manner. The resolved ticket is then sent back to the customer for review.

5- Testing and review:
The IT team reviews the ticket resolution performance to ensure that tickets are addressed within the agreed SLA and that customers are satisfied with the outcome.

6- Deployment:
In the final phase, the ticket is closed, and the app is ready for deployment. We keep monitoring the app after deployment and make sure it runs smoothly. We are always ready to assist with any issues that may arise."