What is Development Service

By Tradinos UG

Development Services are essential for businesses that are seeking to create custom software solutions that provide advanced and tailored functionality. These services enable companies to design, architect and implement user-friendly and engaging software products that can be marketed to business users or individual consumers. This can be particularly beneficial for companies that may lack in-house IT resources and are looking to reduce development costs.

One of the key advantages of outsourcing development services is the ability for companies to overcome the limitations of in-house IT resources. By partnering with a third-party vendor, companies can maintain the desired level of control over the project while still taking advantage of the expertise and resources of the vendor. This can lead to significant cost savings compared to in-house software development.


What do we offer?

1- Basic Software Development
After the app is fully designed and approved, we start the implementation phase. During this phase, we progressively deliver the app's modules so that you can test them during the process.

2- Legacy System Migration
Our team can help clients benefit from the latest web technologies even if their team is already struggling with outdated software. We redesign and rebuild the client's legacy app, move it to the cloud, and add all the needed functional enhancements.

3- POC/MVP Development
POC gives potential investors and decision-makers valuable data to determine if the project or product idea will be feasible and how valuable it will be for the target audience. POC also gives development teams important user feedback and information about market demand, target audience, and critical pain points. Proof of concept is an important step of the product development process because it’s the base for your product prototype and minimum viable product.


4- High-Quality Products
We understand the importance of having a visually appealing and high-performing web and mobile presence that delivers results. Our development process is tailored to your specific goals and objectives.

5- Scalability and Reusable Code
Successful web and mobile applications need to be designed with scalability in mind to accommodate growth seamlessly and without disrupting the end-users. Our team is skilled in addressing these issues.

- Performance: Scalability can help solve several problems related to performance as it takes into account the saturation point at which a web application starts facing issues.
- Code Maintenance: When scalable development is implemented, issues related to code maintenance can be tackled head-on, and code can be organized much more efficiently.

6- Hosting Services
We understand the importance of providing secure and reliable hosting services for our clients. Our team ensures that all data is protected and that our hosting environments are stable to provide a seamless experience for our client's users. With our hosting services, you can rest assured that your website and data will be safe while your business's online presence will be optimized for success.

7- Quality Assurance
We prioritize providing quality assurance from the very beginning by testing and paying attention to details to ensure that your product will function effectively and create a positive user experience.
- Training: If your app is dedicated to a specific group of users who need an introduction to the product, our QA team ensures professional training for them. 
- Setting Standards: Our QA team suggests the app environment, recommends which system version your app should be supported, chooses devices on which the app will be tested, or advises on security issues.
- Reviewing Quality: Our QA team carries out periodic manual tests and writes & executes automated tests. 
- Selecting Tools: Our QA team selects test automation frameworks or test management tools according to the previously-set standards.


8- SAAS Products
We provide a software service through the web, known as a cloud model, which facilitates setting up and managing software, while websites are online channels to display any content through the web.


9- Publishing and Releasing
We take every step of the launching process very seriously by paying attention to every personalized point our customer wants.
- Project Developing: Before releasing the application, we create a final product project that would be viewed by prospective users. This involves creating content for the website, listing the main features, briefly explaining how it works, and more.
- Global App Test: This is one of the main points of the whole process, as we perform complete testing of the final product to identify bugs, check confidential policy, and ensure all links and buttons work well.
- Launching the App: After being developed, rigorously tested, and reviewed by the chosen marketplace, we get confirmation that the app is now launched and is available for prospective users.
- Updating, Testing, Reviewing: In case our customer wants their app to be regularly updated, we take it into consideration and make sure all new features and processes are working uninterruptedly.